Syteline 8

Rebuilding Fragmented Indexes

At PBTI, we have never been overly happy with the speed that Syteline Runs at. We do have a lot of data, and we do process a lot of transactions. That said, we took infor’s proposed hardware suggestions and multiplied everything – more ram, bigger faster processor, the fastest disks, […]

Validating Records On Save Using VB – Syteline 8

Introduction This was an interesting issue – and I am not sure at this point that there is not a better way of doing it, so if you have any comments please let me know. Our issue is that users keep entering some invalid data into the items form, that […]

Syteline 8 Dataviews – Multiple IDOs

Introduction I ran into someone at the last Syteline User Group who asked the following …….. “We use some data views for forms like Job Materials and Job Operations, however they may be of some use to our customer service department as well. We wondered if there was a way […]