PBTI’s Shop Floor Data Collection


This Blogs Objective

Before you begin to scroll through this blog, I thought I ought outline what I am hoping to achieve by sharing this. I’m not going to be streaming off lots of code and explaining the intricate details of how we did each stage of this. I have written it to give you some indication of what is possible with the Infor Syteline 8 frame work as is, along with an indication of any limitations that have been a headache along the way. If you do want to know more, please feel free to get in touch.


At PBTI, we have had a lot of issues getting the shop floor transaction processed on the system in a timely fashion. Everything is transacted on paper and passed into the office to be keyed into Syteline at later date / In batch.

This has caused our business issues with :-

  • Component stock levels being inaccurate causing us planning issues due to jobs being kitted on the
  • Actual costing inaccuracies caused by job completions going through prior to component issues
  • Top-level stock showing as negative due to jobs not being processed on the system before despatch taking place
  • Stacks of paperwork for the shop floor staff to trawl through to find the job they are looking to work on resulting in them creating duplicate jobs as they cannot find the correct paperwork.

As a response to this issue, we have opted to deploy a suite of tools from within Syteline to allow users to do their job on the shop floor in a quick and efficient manner. To start with I have moulded the system to mirror what the users are currently doing, to get initial buy-in from the production staff. Then as users accept the process change I have then instilled personalisation’s which restrict certain practices in order to resolve issues being caused by bad practice. An example of this is the “miscellaneous issue” process. Users were issuing components, that should of been moved to “trackside” locations.

Our first pre-requesit for this project was to make the interface accessible, but relatively cheap, so we opted for touch screen Tablets. Unfortunately the web-interface For Syteline 8.03 is rather restrictive (I will go into this later) so we ended up with a Windows 8.1 tablet (full version not RT).


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