RMA’s – Return Items Check

Why was this change required?

In the remanufactured cartridge industry there is an accepted failure rate of in the region of 2%. So out of 30’000 lines a month, that’s up to 600 returns. With that level of transactions to process, every automation we can apply makes a difference.

In this example I have an issue where the customer services team don’t always mark the ‘return’ flag field correctly when raising the Rma line. As a result the accounts team raise a credit and some of the lines don’t process as they are marked as to be returned and have a returned quantity of zero.

Process overview

This event had been added to various event handlers on the Rma forms.

  1. Check if any of the Rma lines are marked as “return” if not end
  2. if any are marked as return offer the user the option to continue anyway, to clear the return flags or cancel
  3. if the user chooses to clear the return flags, do this on all related lines using an Ido update request.

Here’s the VB Code

Function PBTI_CheckReturnFlag() As Integer

Dim responsermaitems As LoadCollectionResponseData
Dim result As wsMsgBoxResult = Nothing

responsermaitems = Me.IDOClient.LoadCollection( _

"SLRmaitems", _
 "RmaNum, EvalCode_2, RmaLine", _  
"RmaNum = '" & ThisForm.CurrentIDOCollection.CurrentItem("RmaNum").Value & "' and  ReturnItem = 1" _
 & " and DerQtyReceived = 0", _
 "CreateDate Desc", 0)

If responsermaitems.Items.Count > 0 Then

 result = Application.ShowMessage(responsermaitems.Items.Count & ” line(s) are set as returns but none have been received. ” _

& vbCrLf & vbCrLf _
& “Press YES if you would like to automatically change all these to not be returned items and credit them.” _
& vbCrLf _
& vbCrLf & “Press NO if you would like them to be left as retrun items and for them not to be credited” _
& vbCrLf _
& vbCrLf _
& “Press CANCEL to abort and change nothing” _

, MsgBoxStyle.YesNoCancel)

If (result = wsMsgBoxResult.wsYes) Then

Dim updateRequest As UpdateCollectionRequestData

Dim rowcount As Integer = 0

While rowcount < responsermaitems.Items.Count

 Dim updateItem As IDOUpdateItem
‘ create a new UpdateCollection request

 updateRequest = New UpdateCollectionRequestData(“SLRmaitems”)
‘ create a new update item for the row we loaded
updateItem = New IDOUpdateItem(UpdateAction.Update, responsermaitems.Items(rowcount).ItemID)
‘ add CustNum property from LoadResposne, not modified                        

updateItem.Properties.Add(“ReturnItem”, “0”, True)
‘ add the update item to update request                        

‘ save changes


rowcount = rowcount + 1

 End While

Return 0

 ElseIf (result = wsMsgBoxResult.wsNo) Then

Application.ShowMessage(“You Pressed No”)

Return 0


 Return -1

End If


Return 0

 End If

End Function

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