Syteline 9 first look @ the Syteline User Group

I attended the user group for Syteline 9 today and thought a quick post on my thoughts would be a good idea.

Data collection

For all of you using data collection still, this is being removed as of Sylteline 9, it was not mentioned today so be warned!

Customer order promotions

Great news ….. Infor have finally recognised the fact that syteline users want to do offers and promotions, and it links into the crm functionality, this could be really good for us. The problem is that rather than applying a discount, it just slashes the unit price accordingly so it will make reporting it a bit of a nightmare as it will just look like a price difference. It is possible to apply a discount amount but does not appear to be able to deal with a discount percentage.

Does anyone else think this is a problem?


Great concept, problem as I see it is that if you set up a rebate to a customer, as each order line is written it posts the rebate liability to a gl account so as you can account for it accordingly (ie you are not including i in your profit and loss incorrectly), however if you set up a rebate for a customer of 1% on all orders if they do £1m in a year, it sounds like it starts recording the gl straight away …… What if the customer flops and only does £500k so is not due their rebate? Do you manually journal off the amount – if so that is a nightmare ….. Maybe I am missing something?


Ok, this I kind of like, apart from the fact it will yet further discourage users from actual face to face interaction which I think is so important and also lacking in a lot of businesses.

My main concern with it really was the underlying fact that to use it fully you need ion ….. Try getting that cost past you board! Additional hardware, an upfront software and license cost, plus 20% per anum for support for a tool being marketed as “social” ….. It would be a hard sell to non system users especially if you will not use anything else from ion

Personalisations – form inheritance

The mongoose 9 framework now allows you to do with forms, what you have been able to do with ido’s singe mongoose 7, which effectively is extend and replace the form meaning a change to the base form is reflected on the child form . This doesn’t quite go far enough, I would of expected it to replace the current vendor/site/group/user system which is poor when you are doing a lot of Personalisations, it doesn’t ,,,,,, but this is only their first attempt and it is definitely a step in the right direction.

In summary

Syteline 9 looks good. I am still undecided to upgrade from 8.03.00 to 8.03.11 so as I get the bugs fixed without a massive leap, or upgrade to 9.00.10 ….. I guess a bit more research is needed and I might try to get a vm running with it to see what the business thinks.

The syteline user group is definitely worth being part of, so if you are not already a member …. Consider joining it

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