Despatch Notifications via Event Management

At PBTI we process on average 80 customer orders a day, shipping up to 30000 units a month. As such the more we can automate the better. This particular task originated as a notification to our customer services team for part shipments so as the customer could be alerted to the fact prior to the dupery arriving at a third party location (we drop ship to end users on our customers behalf), but as per most of the things I seam to write, it evolved and now notifies the customer as well with a branded email, line details in including back order count and a tracking link to our couriers website.

In this post I am going to outline each significant step and details of any complications I have found.

Triggering the event

During pre-sales we were given the distinct impression from Infor that everything that happens in syteline goes through IDOs so triggering the event management system (workflow) is easy as you can utilise the built in on Ido update post Ido update, on Ido insert or post Ido insert functions ……… Unfortunately that is quite often not the case. So we needed to find another way of identifying new packing note records being inserted.

There is also a not too obvious advantage of not using on update or post update event triggers and that is it uses the users session and therefore if it is a long running process as we do in other events, the users session hangs whilst the event management runs, and they have no real idea why.

So the only answer is an event trigger that runs at set intervals and a user defined field that acts as a “processed” flag. Effective every 60 seconds the event management trigger fires the event handler which finds all the pack header records which have not been processes, processes them and marks the flag field accordingly.

The steps (event actions)

Here is a run down of what we are doing on each step ……

The end result ….. Customer services email


The end result …… Order contact email

The email subject as it would appear to the customer


The 3 company brands based on a udf in the customer table



Courier tracking link, ONLY if shipped vi UK Mail


Order Contact

I aim to cover this within the Syteline personalisation category as soon as possible, but I have personalised the customer order form to link to the customer contacts meaning the user can select a contact from a dropdown list, which then populates the contact name and phone number and email address fields. These details are then used for the despatch notification email.


To be continued

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