Syteline 8 Excel Financial Reporting Tool

We’ve had Infor in over the past couple of days to discuss our finance processes and I don’t think it could of gone any better. With the limited time we had available, we covered a lot of topics and I believe it really has got our accounts team thinking about change.

One tool we did install for the first time was the Excel Fiancial reporting tool. As we were pulling reports together it was taking more and more time, hanging with every little change made, and we are not talking a few seconds – by the time we had pulled in a couple of dozen gl codes over a 12 month period it was up to 4 minutes to update!

So Tip 1 is to switch off the auto calculate, then when you have made all the parameter changes, click “Calculate Sheet” – this could save you hours!


Tip 2 is the opposite from Infor’s original suggestion (as I understood it anyway) When you are setting up the connection DO NOT use the DO Web Service connection. Whilst this is an easy option from an administration, and the user then only gets access to the items they are configured for within Syteline, it is unusably slow for a company of our size. Obviously Infor set these options up to be used, I believe they recommended not to use them originally simply from and administrative angle. Use the direct connection as shown here :-


You will have to setup a SQL user for this, and make it a read-only user so they cannot write to the tables by mistake.

Hope this helps someone anyway!


September 2014 Additions

There has been a few developments in this tool over the past 12 months, which I am really pleased to see 🙂

One frustration I had with it was the Drill downs, and the fact that when you chose “Show me in Syteline Form” it always brought up the web client. This is actually an easy fix as follows :-

  1. Go to the setup company form via the button on the Syteline Ribbon menu at the top of Excel
  2. Go to the general tab
  3. Tick “Display inside the default Browser”
  4. set the web service client url to the following “http://<SYTELINE SERVER NAME HERE>/SLClientDeploy/SyteLine.application?Config=<CONFIGURATION NAME HERE>”

It should look like this :-

How to setup the Syteline GL Excel tool to open your drill down in full client rather than web client

How to setup the Syteline GL Excel tool to open your drill down in full client rather than web client


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