Syteline 8 – Add a new user

I no longer work for PBTI, but have been asked for a set of instructions on how they should set up new users on their system, as such these instructions are specific to their requirements but may be of use to you as a general guideline. PBTI are operating on a named user basis, and operate multiple sites.
  1. Open Syteline & sign into the Master Site (United Kingdom)
  2. Open the users form (Master Explorer –> Roles –> System Administration –> Users
  3. Remove the filter in place by one of these methods :-
    1. Clicking the magnifier icon
    2. Pressing F4
  4. Create a new record by one of these methods
    1. Clicking the New Icon
    2. Pressing Ctrl-N
    3. Scrolling to the last record that should be blank and have an asterix in the row number
  5. On the main “User” group box
    1. Give the user an id – Keep this the same as their windows logon number if possible
    2. If the user is an administrator who should have access to absolutely everything in the system, click the super user field, else do not!
    3. In the description Field, put their Name as they like to be addressed
    4. Set a user password – this is only applicable if the user will not be using their domain id to log on
    5. Key in their domain name and domain user id into the field “Workstation Domain/ID” – this allows them to sign on without using a Syteline username and password
    6. Set their Editing Permissions to NONE – this field allows such things as saving of column sequencing an local personalisation’s – It can cause major headaches
  6. Due to named user configuration, click “User Modules” and add the following modules – Please note there may be licensing constraints so you may need to delete licenses for users who have left the organisation first :-
    • SSS_ATT
    • SSS_IOF
    • SSS_RFQ
    • SSS_WB
    • SyteLineTrans
    • TLC_SyteLineDocTrak
  7. Sign into the Syteline Site the user needs to work in and repeat steps 4 & 5
  8. On the “Groups” tab of the main notebook add the user to the groups then need to belong to – I would advise mirroring them off another user who has a similar job role
  9. On the “Additional Info” tab set the following fields – again copying from another user with a similar role
    • User Initials
    • Warehouse
    • Multi-site Group
  10. On the “Login Information” tab ensure the user login status is set to “Active”
  11. On the “Email Addresses” tab, set it as follows –  you will need to set the email address up in the grid first.


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