Restoring Live to Test


This post is an overview of the process we run through to restore the most recent backup of our live database, to our test databse. We run through this process about once a quarter to ensure we are testing on up to date systems. Our backups are taken once a night (with transaction logs every 15 minutes) using “Backup Assist”.

These instructions are indicative, your configuration may vary from ours, and your requirements will probably be different. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. If in doubt, always seek assistance from Infor

Restoring the Live Syteline database to the Test environment

  • Stop the service “Infor Framework TaskMan” on your application servers – else it may well lock your database.
  • Using the results from “EXEC SP_WHO2” kill any processes using the databases  test_app, test_forms and test_objects
  • Drop the test_app, test_forms and test_objects databases
  • Start the service “Infor Framework TaksMan” (so as all other databases can continue)
  • Using the SSMS wizard (as its easier than remembering the tsql to restore the database), restore each backup to your test databases as shown belowRestore_Test_App
  • Set the TRUSTWORTHY flag is enabled for each restored database using the following SQL Query:

alter database [database] /*replace with your database name*/

set trustworthy on


  • Set the database owner for each restored database using the following SQL Query:

USE [Database] /*replace with your database name*/


EXEC sp_changedbowner ‘sa’

  • Set Multi-User on on each database you have restored :-

ALTER DATABASE [Database] /*replace with your database name*/



  • Restart the service “Infor Framework TaskMan”
  • Open Syteline Client and sign in as SA
  • Open the form “Sites/Entities” and uncheck the ~”Intranet Licensing” field
  • Open the form “Change Site” & change the site accordingly
  • Apply your test license as provided by Infor, using the form “License Management”
  • After going from Intranet licensing to non-intranet licensing, you may need to add license modules to users
  • Open “Configuration Manager” on your Application servers and “Discard IDO cache”
  • Open the form “Replication Rules” and delete the replication rule
  • Regenerate Triggers – Open for “Trigger Management” and click “Generate”
  • You may need to use form sync to generate form licenses


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