Opening the Material Transactions form – Filtered

A developer working for another organisation has asked about opening the material transaction form filtered. There are 3 ways to do this, so I’ve popped together the following examples, to open the form “Material Transactions” with a hard coded job number.

Creating a shortcut in the explorer bar

  • In My folders, right click a folder you want the new shortcut to appear in and click “New Shortcut”
  • Select the form you wish the shortcut to link to
  • The shortcut should now be created in your my folders. Right click –> Properties
  • In the parameters, you need to set the initial command and the filter properties, which in this example is



Using an Event Handler (Standard Features)

  • Add a new event handler, with the response type of “Run Form”
  • In the parameters, set the filter and initial command variable accordingly as shown here :-


Using VB.Net

Sub pbti_openMaterialtransactions()

Dim strFilter As String = “RefNum = ‘xte0000822′”

Application.RunForm(“MaterialTransactions(SETVARVALUES(InitialCommand=Refresh)FILTER(“ & strFilter & “))”)

End Sub

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