Scheduling Syteline tasks that cannot go on the Background Queue

I have been asked by someone contracting for another organisation how we automate our Invoicing procedures which has no option  to run on the background queue within Syteline 8. I have covered this in a previous post, but with my pending departure from my current organisation, and a successor not yet found I felt it appropriate to detail this in a very straight forward manner.

We have a dedicated PC that runs these tasks and does nothing else (apart from displaying our Critical Number Monitors)

1) Using notepad create a new file and name it as a batch file – for example “Invoicing.bat” within the file we need a single line of code – yours may well be different to this !

“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore” “http://SytelineAppIT.wells.pbti/SLClientDeploy/SyteLine.application?Form=OrderInvoicingCreditMemo(SETVARVALUES(InitialCommand=Event PBTI_ProcessPrint) &Config=UnitedKingdom”

In the example you would need to change the configuration name accordingly. The initial event is one we build in house that sets the default options as our organisation required, then process and prints the invoices. Here’s a screenshot of the event handlers (click for a clearer picture):-


2) On the PC open “Task Scheduler” –> Create Basic Task. The wizard should walk you through everything you need

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