Scheduled Background Tasks on Infor Syteline 8

I was asked by another company for a little help recently regarding suggestions about what background tasks they should schedule, I’m no expert and we use Syteline in quite a specific way so this is not a definitive list, but this is what we currently have set :-

  • ActivateDeactivatePostedTransactionsAP
  • ActivateDeactivatePostedTransactionsAR
  • ChangeCOStatusUtility
  • CurrentBillofMaterialProcessor
  • CurrentBOMCostRollUp
  • DeleteItemStockroomLocations
  • DisallowPageLocksSp
  • DropTempTablesSp
  • EDIExport
  • EDIImport
  • FixedAssetGenerateDepreciationCalc
  • JobandPSBillofMaterialProcessor
  • MassJournalPostingProcedure
  • PurgeNextKeysSp
  • RebalanceCustomerBalances
  • RebalanceItemAllocatedToCO
  • RebalanceItemOnPurchaseOrder
  • RebalanceItemQtyAllocatedtoJobandWP
  • SSSWBSnapshotGeneration
  • RebalanceItemQtyOnHand
  • UpdateStatisticsSp
  • WIPValuationReport

Hopefully this list will be useful to anyone else setting up their Syteline Installation!

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