Monthly Archives: September 2014

Validating Records On Save Using VB – Syteline 8

Introduction This was an interesting issue – and I am not sure at this point that there is not a better way of doing it, so if you have any comments please let me know. Our issue is that users keep entering some invalid data into the items form, that […]

Syteline 8 – Adding a derived field to an IDO & IDO lookups using VB.NET

Introduction I have been asked by our despatch team to display the customer terms code onto the “Order Shipping” form within Infor Syteline 8, so thought I would pop a quick how-to post here as I am doing it! Time to implement I often get asked at the SIGs “how […]

Syteline Customer Order Review TSQL COALESCE and FOR XML PATH

Introduction Here’s one that used a few interesting things, so I thought I’d post it. Our salesman wanted a report from our Infor Syteline 8 database that he can use to review order pattern by ship to. The example below makes use of 2 functions that are quite nice. The first […]