Welcome to my personal website. I’ve written this in an aim to share my knowledge and experience with Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL, SSRS, SSIS and Infor Syteline 8.

My intended audience is analyst programmers, systems analysts and IT managers dealing with these systems, who need a few pointers to achieve their goals in projects being undertaken. It is also here as a personal code achieve for myself, as my skills and experience has built over the years my coding practices have changed and become considerably more efficient, so if you notice that the code could be enhanced, please bea the post date in mind.

I am currently using Sql server 2008, and Infor Syteline 8.03.10.

If you choose to reuse any of my code snippets, please ensure you fully understand them, and test them on a development database prior to using them in a live environment – I take no responsibility for any issues you may encounter.

If you choose to quote, repost or republish any material on this site, I would kindly ask you to reference and link this original content.

Many Thanks.